-Dan LaFlamme (WSP, Yale '13)

The Warrior-Scholar Project roused both my love for learning and an unwavering ambition to succeed in college. It was, beyond any doubt, the "learn by discovery" model that was responsible. I was given undeniable proof that I didn't need to be spoon-fed my education; I could simply seize it myself with sufficient commitment to probing the outer envelope of my own knowledge and ability.




The Warrior-Scholar Project consists of immersive one to two weeklong academic boot camps hosted at America's top universities during the summer breaks, which are designed to:

-Facilitate the often difficult transition enlisted veterans face when moving from a military culture to the academic culture inherent on college campuses,

-Demonstrate and explain the foundational skills and methods, or "tricks of the trade" that highly successful college students use,

-Increase veteran graduation rates,

-Prepare student-veterans to be leaders in the classroom.

Enlisted Veterans have an immense degree of untapped potential to succeed in higher education institutions and to progress on to successful careers. To tap that potential, WSP addresses veterans' misperceptions about college and builds their confidence through an intense academic reorientation.

The Warrior-Scholars learn how to frame and develop their ideas in an academic context, think critically, and formulate an argument. Through WSP, veterans are not only learning the subject-matter material; they are learning how to learn.


The key to becoming a successful learner in a college-level academic context is not just to memorize and recite factual information (the skills that are so useful in high school), but also to analyze and critique.  This is a different form of learning from that which most enlisted veterans have been exposed to in both high school and in military training and education.  This is a critical part of the transition that the Warrior-Scholar Project helps veterans make.   

We strive to show enlisted veterans the importance of attending and excelling in college, that participating in higher education is more than a means to a job: the value of being able to think critically and write concisely.



To provide students with an introduction to the practices they will need for successful participation in classes and the types of independent work they will be required to complete outside of the classroom.

To facilitate the veterans' transition from the military to college by helping them capitalize on the drive, discipline, and motivation honed through military service  to learn effectively in a rigorous academic setting.

To assist the veterans in becoming student leaders in the classroom and to succeed in college through a network of tutors and mentors, ultimately helping to increase veteran graduation rates.

Enlisted veterans often entered the military directly from high school, resulting in a long absence from the classroom upon their transition out. This has caused many veterans to feel discouraged and lack the confidence necessary for success in academia.  To unlock the immense potential to succeed in higher education that veterans have, WSP addresses veterans' misperceptions about college and builds their confidence through an intense academic reorientation.