Announcing Our 2022 Boot Camp Dates!

We have some exciting news!

We at Warrior-Scholar Project are thrilled to announce that all participants will be reimbursed for up to $500 of costs incurred traveling to and from a 2022 academic boot camp. This is made possible by our generous donors, whose recent gifts allow us to accelerate plans to make our programs even more equitable and accessible. Our academic boot camps are completely free for all eligible service members and veterans.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement, students must submit travel-related receipts (e.g., flights, fuel, baggage fees, etc.), and must complete the entire academic boot camp. Course completion is determined by the participant’s level of participation in scheduled sessions and activities (including seminars, lectures, writing workshops and tutor support sessions, science talks and research demonstrations, entrepreneurship project workshops and pitch presentations, college success workshops, and any campus-specific activities) and engagement with course materials and discussions. To qualify for course completion, participants (a) must not miss more than one scheduled session during a one-week program or two scheduled sessions during a two-week program, unless excused by Warrior-Scholar Project staff; and (b) must demonstrate adequate progress toward assignment completion, as determined by Warrior-Scholar staff.

If any participant is unable to pay for travel costs up front and wait for reimbursement, please reach out to the WSP team.

We are also excited to announce our 2022 summer academic boot camps course dates! This is our eleventh year of offering one-week intensive college preparatory experiences for enlisted veterans, and we are proud to partner with so many great schools for this mission.

New this year: Due to the popularity of our all-women humanities cohorts last year, we are piloting an all-women humanities and STEM cohort at Yale University! In addition, we also expanded our business offerings with new programs hosted at Yale University and Syracuse University.

Typically, our participants enjoy the full college experience, from staying in dorms and eating in the dining hall to studying in the historic libraries of the host institution. With the exception of travel (if applicable), these courses are offered at no cost to the student veteran participant.

We intend to fully return to in-person programming at all partner institutions for summer 2022. However, due to pandemic-related uncertainties, we are unable to guarantee that all programming will be offered on campus. In the event that on-site programming is deemed unsafe, WSP will keep applicants informed if those programs are converted to the virtual platform. Boot camp dates are subject to change, so please check our Events page for the most up-to-date information on individual course dates.

Learn about the types of boot camps we offer at our Our Programs page, and check out our FAQs. If you have questions about attending a boot camp that isn’t covered by those resources, a member of our admissions team will be happy to help you! Reach out to them at [email protected].

Download our latest course flyer (updated January 13, 2021) to share with your networks.

College PartnerBoot Camp TypeStart DateEnd Date
University of Notre DameHumanities and STEM6/4/226/18/22
University of Notre DameHumanities and Business and Entrepreneurship6/4/226/18/22
University of PennsylvaniaHumanities6/11/226/18/22
Fayetteville State UniversityHumanities6/11/226/18/22
Princeton UniversityHumanities and STEM6/18/227/2/22
Yale UniversityHumanities and STEM (women-only cohort)6/18/227/2/22
Yale UniversityHumanities and Business and Entrepreneurship6/18/227/2/22
Texas A&M UniversityHumanities and STEM6/18/227/2/22
Georgetown UniversityHumanities6/25/227/2/22
Virtual Boot CampHumanities6/26/227/1/22
University of North Carolina at Chapel HillHumanities6/25/227/2/22
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)STEM7/16/227/23/22
Williams CollegeHumanities7/16/227/23/22
University of ArizonaHumanities and STEM7/16/227/30/22
Syracuse UniversityHumanities and Business and Entrepreneurship7/16/227/30/22
Harvard UniversityHumanities7/23/227/30/22
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSTEM7/23/227/30/22
University of ChicagoHumanities and STEM7/23/228/6/22
Cornell UniversityHumanities and STEM7/23/228/6/22
University of Southern CaliforniaHumanities and Business and Entrepreneurship7/23/228/6/22
Amherst CollegeHumanities7/30/228/6/22
Virtual Boot CampHumanities7/31/228/5/22
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)STEM8/6/228/13/22
Columbia UniversityHumanities8/6/228/13/22
University of California, IrvineHumanities8/6/228/13/22
Virtual Boot Camp (The College of William & Mary)Humanities8/7/228/12/22