Britney Domine

Senior Humanities Fellow

Britney Domine is a returning senior humanities fellow and current member of the Alumni Steering Committee. She served as an electronics technician in the Navy for six years, working on the ship’s air traffic control radar, navigation, and ship and shore weather systems. She attended the Community College Workshop at Grossmont College in 2019 and the WSP humanities course at Harvard University in 2020.

Britney graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and American Indian studies; she also worked as a student mentor and grading assistant at the university’s Native Resource Center. She received the Sentinels of Freedom Bridge to Education Scholarship as an undergraduate student.

Currently, Britney works as a field tech archaeologist in cultural resource management while taking online classes in forensic science. Her aspirations include working as a forensic anthropologist and bioarchaeologist to assist in identifying and repatriating MIA/KIA service members.

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