Seth Jenkins


Seth Jenkins is a dynamic individual whose rich background encompasses six years of dedicated service in the Air Force’s aerospace ground equipment field, coupled with a transformative experience at the WSP Academic Boot Camp at Princeton in 2022. His journey continued in the political realm, where he excelled as an aide to Senator Dick Durbin from 2019 to 2022. In this capacity, Seth adeptly navigated the complex landscape of veteran affairs, championing the needs of veterans across Illinois with his profound expertise and empathetic approach, especially in interactions with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

His commitment to public service and veteran advocacy was further recognized through his selection as a Posse Scholar, prompting a significant transition to academia at Vassar College. Here, Seth is not just pursuing an education; he’s crafting a legacy. As a second-year political science major, he is sharpening his analytical prowess and strategic thinking, aiming to revolutionize data analysis and policy implementation.

Seth’s educational tapestry is rich and varied, with foundations laid at Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development, continued growth at the University of Maryland Global Campus, and practical experience at Roosevelt University, blending academic rigor with real-world application.

Currently, Seth is making strides in the political landscape as a dedicated staff member in the Office of Congressman Pat Ryan, managing veteran and military affairs. In this vital role, he serves a community of more than 40,000 veterans in New York’s Hudson Valley, embodying a spirit of service, honor, and excellence. As a disabled veteran, Seth’s personal journey fuels his passion for advocating on behalf of fellow servicemen and women, ensuring their sacrifices are honored and their transitions to civilian life are seamless and dignified.

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