Academic Boot Camps

Warrior-Scholar Project programs empower enlisted student veterans and transitioning service members to succeed in higher education.

What is an academic boot camp?

In the military, boot camp molds you into the service member you will become by instilling new attitudes, knowledge, and behaviors that contribute to your success.

The same is true for our academic boot camps–they mold you into a better college student. Academic boot camps are intense, one- to two-week experiences where you will: 

  • Discuss the difficulties of life as a student veteran and the emotions that come with it
  • Explore and debate current and relevant societal topics 
  • Interact with other successful student veterans
  • Receive tutoring from campus faculty and staff
  • Learn best practices for studying
  • Learn how to maximize and manage your time
  • Live in the dorms on campus 
  • Attend lectures taught by top university faculty
  • Eat in campus dining facilities

Watch the video to learn more about the academic boot camp experience.

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Alumni Experiences

On the first day, my confidence was lower than low, and I struggled to think how I would succeed in college if I couldn’t even get past the first day. On the last day of the course, I felt invincible. I knew college would be an accomplishable dream with a little hard work and dedication.

David Nagley – U.S. Army, WSP at Princeton and UPenn

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed, but WSP took that and turned it into a learning and growth experience.

Vanessa Long – U.S. Army, WSP at Notre Dame

To be completely honest, I didn’t feel confident that I would successfully complete the course after the first day. While it was advertised as a “boot camp” on the website, I did not expect the curriculum to be as intense as it was. However, I felt incredibly confident on the final day of class, and I was amazed at how much material we covered in two weeks.

Hanh Dinh – USMC, WSP at Yale

During humanities week, I appreciated the feedback provided when we had to write an essay about American Democracy. I also enjoyed STEM week because I learned how to approach problem sets differently. Overall, the humanities and STEM courses enhanced my leadership and critical thinking skills. This experience proved that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Laura Medina – U.S. Army, WSP at Yale

After arriving and being in the Yale atmosphere, I felt intimidated and unsure. However, the fellows and participants made me feel comfortable, and I was able to adapt quickly and let go of the imposter syndrome. My confidence level on the last day was very high.

Faezan Hussain – U.S. Army, WSP at Yale

I knew I could handle the courses, but lacked the confidence to speak up, communicate my ideas, and express my opinion. However, my confidence level went up significantly by the final day. A big part of this was because the WSP fellows from both weeks took the time to answer my questions, connect me with mentors, and encourage me not to hold myself back.

Hannah Finck – U.S. Navy, WSP at USC and UC Irvine

I did not think it would be a challenge at all, but I was surprised to learn how impactful the course would be. I wouldn’t say I felt more confident but rather more intelligent. I felt more strategic with my academics because I was shown things I did not think could help me in class.

James Burandt – USMC, WSP at UC Irvine

My confidence level on the final day emanated from the belonging that we had among each other in the cohort. We found clarity in what was misunderstood and validation of what we felt we were unworthy of. An experience such as this instills confidence in any individual.

Marnela Guevara – U.S. Air Force, WSP at Princeton

Who is eligible?

If you are an enlisted service member or veteran without a bachelor’s degree, you are eligible!

In some cases, we accept enlisted service members or veterans with a bachelor’s degree. If this describes your situation, contact and your candidacy will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What should I expect from an academic boot camp?

Our boot camps are designed to challenge you. The days are long, the content is complex, and the overall experience can be intense, but the outcome of your actions during the week are rewarding. We start early in the morning, and sessions continue until late in the evening. You will read challenging texts, have difficult discussions, and work on a large project. 

But you are not doing any of this alone. Our instructors, campus faculty, peer mentors, and WSP staff are here to guide you through all of it. 2,000 other student veterans have done this successfully, and so can you.  

We want you to leave this boot camp feeling like you can tackle the challenges and rigor of a college degree.

Types of
Boot Camps

We host intensive, one- and two-week college-preparatory academic boot camps in three disciplines: Humanities, STEM, and Business & Entrepreneurship.

2023 Academic Boot Camp Schedule – Open Campuses

Dates subject to change. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and courses fill up fast.

*Campuses listed as FULL have no more seats available.

College PartnerBoot Camp TypeStart DateEnd Date
Virtual Boot Camp: ESTHumanities12/10/2312/15/23
Virtual Boot Camp: PSTHumanities12/10/2312/15/23

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FAQs about Our Programs

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