Graduate School Support

Our Diana Davis Spencer Scholars (DDSS) program provides support and mentorship to WSP alumni to help them identify and thrive in graduate and professional degree programs. Through the DDSS program, WSP aims to reframe the graduate landscape by demonstrating the potential of student veterans when they are resourced, supported, and encouraged to pursue graduate-level degrees. We are grateful to the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation for their investment in this program.

DDSS program participants are part of a cohort and receive one-to-one mentorship with volunteer faculty mentors from a variety of disciplines, one-to-one and group consultations with application writing and benefits usage experts, as well as info sessions with varying institutions and organizations. WSP’s Education Team staff meet regularly with participants to ensure they are on target to reach their graduate school goals.

Diana Davis Spencer Scholars Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in the Diana Davis Spencer Scholarship (DDSS) Program. The deadline for applying for this year's 2022-2023 Cohort has passed. If you are still in need of graduate school support and would like a WSP staff member to reach out to you regarding our support services, please fill out the following form.

IMPORTANT: This program is for Warrior-Scholar Project alumni only. Please do not fill out this interest form if you have not attended one of our academic boot camps. Please see our Academic Boot Camps landing page if you are interested in attending one of our humanities, STEM, or business boot camps.

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