Student Spotlight 2022: Vanessa Long, U.S. Army

Tell us about yourself.

I am from the San Carlos Apache Reservation in San Carlos, AZ. I served in the U.S. Army as a healthcare specialist. I decided to join the military to find more of myself, my strengths, and a direction in life. 

What was your educational background prior to attending WSP, and which of our courses did you attend? 

I attended the business & entrepreneurship boot camp at the University of Notre Dame. Before attending WSP, I obtained my bachelor’s in business from Grand Canyon University in 2019. 

Why did you decide to participate in WSP this summer, and was there a shift in your confidence level from the first day of the course to the last day? 

I am always open and looking for new opportunities. I thought this was a good way to see what the program offered and how it could enhance my degree or even test my knowledge. 

In the beginning, I was overwhelmed, but WSP took that and turned it into a learning and growth experience. Even though I had a decent level of confidence, I was still very nervous about how great all the fellows, other students, and instructors were. Some had accomplished so much and brought a lot to the program. However, my confidence level on the final day of the course was drastically different. I felt like I belonged and deserved to be among such great people. 

What were some key insights you gained during your courses, and what is your biggest takeaway?

One of the major key insights I took away from the course was the value of networking. I am naturally not a people person, nor big on public speaking, but making an effort to get to know others was essential for success. Not just in business but overall in life. The most important thing I learned was to be resourceful and use my military experience, my discipline, and the varying perspectives of others to help me towards my goals. 

In one word, how would you describe your overall experience?



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