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Bob Saitta

Accounting Assistant

Robert (Bob) Saitta is Warrior-Scholar Project's Accounting Assistant. He was raised in New York and attended the State University of New York at Oneonta. While attending, he was accepted into an exchange program in Japan for a one-year overseas study program at Seinan Gakuin University, in Fukuoka, Japan. Upon returning, he completed at Oneonta, graduating with a B.S. in Comparative Literature and a minor in Japanese.


After graduating, in 1983 he was accepted into a 2 year YMCA teaching program in Kitakysuhu, Japan where he taught English and literature and continued to work on becoming fluent in Japanese.  He again returned to Japan from 1987-1992, teaching English and literature at a variety of schools, ranging from kindergarten through university.  He also worked as a business manager at Win Corporation in Fukuoka, Japan, running the company’s language and translation department.​


From 1985-1987 and from 1992-2013, Bob owned and managed a family business, El Sol Cigars, in Tampa, Florida.  He sold the business in 2013 and then went to work for a friend from his days as an exchange student in Japan, Robert Haupt of Haupt Law, of Oklahoma City. From 2014-2017, Bob helped Mr. Haupt build up National Litigation Law Group [NLLG], into a company that generated $25 million in revenues in 2017. Bob ran the accounting department as the Director of Finance during this time. Mr. Haupt sold NLLG in 2017 and Bob returned to Florida in 2018, where he presently resides outside of Tampa with his 2 children, Marty and Carol.