Business & Entrepeneurship Academic Boot Camp

Learn business fundamentals and business acumen.


Our business & entrepreneurship academic boot camp prepares you for a business-related degree. Throughout the week, you will learn about business communications, working in teams, public speaking, networking, marketing (yourself or a business), and more. Our business courses are paired with a humanities course, with the business content taking place during the second week. These courses are in person at three of the most exciting universities across the country. The foundation of this week, a team project where you will combine the lessons learned throughout the week and pitch your idea to an audience, will prepare you for the likely scenario of working on a group project in college.

*This is not an incubator program. The purpose of this program is to prepare you for a college degree in business.

Course Structure

Lectures and Discussions

You will receive lectures from the faculty of the host college on topics related to business. You will engage in discussions with the members of your cohort to help better understand the business concepts and prepare you for the week’s project: a team project culminating in a presentation.


You will complete chapter readings directly related to the week’s topics from well-known authors. You will also have short readings pulled from recent articles. Some of the texts you will be reading are: 

  • The Lean Startup by Eric Ries
  • Simply Brilliant by Bernard Schroeder

Group Project

You will be split into the same team every afternoon to work on your project. The day’s lectures, discussions, and topics will relate to your in-class work and homework. A faculty member will be present during the in-class work, and the evenings will be led by our MTT Fellows (peer mentors), who are also in pursuit of earning their business degree.

Pitch Presentation

On the final day of the course, you will display and present your hard work to a small audience. After presenting, your cohort and audience members will ask you questions about your project. This is an opportunity to develop or hone your public speaking skills and better prepare you for a college and professional presentation.

Click here to see a sample schedule. Some content may vary depending on your campus, but the WSP experience is the same across all courses. 

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