Humanities Academic
Boot Camp

Improve your academic reading and writing skills


Our humanities academic boot camps prepare you to read and write at a college level and participate in academic lectures and discussions. The boot camp takes place over one week, and we offer both online and on-site versions. The content of this boot camp centers on readings and themes of American democracy.

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Course Structure

Lectures and Discussions

You will receive lectures from the faculty of the host college on topics related to American democracy. You will engage in debate and discussion with the members of your cohort to help you develop your idea for the week’s project: a college-level paper.


You will complete readings by authors including: 

  • French aristocrat Alexis de Tocqueville 
  • current Harvard faculty member Danielle Allen
  • the Founding Fathers
  • Sojourner Truth

Study Groups

Every morning, you will be split up into small groups and discuss the previous night’s readings with other participants. These study groups are led by WSP fellows: past participants who have returned to share their experiences as college students with you.

Writing Workshops

Learn ways to improve upon your current writing skills. These sessions are taught by writing tutors from the college where your boot camp is hosted. The goal of these sessions is to help you write your essay, which is the foundation for humanities week.

College Success Series

Transitioning to college can bring its own unique set of challenges for enlisted veterans. During our College Success sessions, WSP fellows will lead conversations designed to address the social and academic barriers enlisted student veterans may encounter. 

Topics include:

  • Analytical reading: how to break down complex college textbooks into manageable chunks and understand the information at a higher level
  • Foundational skills: finding purpose, developing a growth mindset, and dealing with impostor phenomenon 
  • Time management and productivity: how to stay organized, overcome procrastination, and implement methods to help you succeed
  • Culture and community: learn the differences between military culture and college life
  • Informed consumer: learn how to use the resources available to you to make better choices about pursuing college and choosing a degree

Click here to see a sample schedule. Some content may vary depending on your campus, but the WSP experience is the same across all courses. 

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