Stem Academic Boot Camp

Brush up on math and science skills


Our STEM academic boot camps prepare you for a college STEM degree. STEM boot camps can be one-week standalone courses, or might follow a week of humanities instruction, depending on which campus you attend. Our STEM boot camps are taught with a curriculum based on physics, so all lectures, readings, assignments, and research projects will be physics-based.

Click here to see a sample schedule. Some content may vary depending on your campus, but the WSP experience is the same across all courses. 

Course Structure

Research Groups

Every morning, you will be split up into small groups to work on a research project. These research groups are led by actual researchers from your host campus. Each group will explore a different topic for their research project. On the final day of the boot camp, each group will present their research goals, methods, and findings to the rest of the class.


Every morning, a STEM professor from your host campus will present a lecture. We try to expose you several professors with different backgrounds and approaches to teaching. The topics of these lectures include:

  • One-dimensional (1-D) motion
  • Two-dimensional (2-D) motion
  • Newton’s laws
  • Work and energy

Science Talks and Tours

Each day, there will be either a science talk or research lab tour. This is an opportunity for the school to show off exciting STEM research taking place on their campus. During science talks, a professor from the campus delivers a lecture on a topic related to their research. For research tours, the cohort might be invited to vist a lab to explore where research is conducted, or view facilities on the campus where specific STEM and research-related activities take place.

Recitation Sections

Recitation section, or “section” for short, is the time each day when your WSP fellows will guide you through the “how to” of applying the day’s lecture to your daily problem set assignments. This class will review lessons and concepts from the lecture and give examples of how to solve problems using them.

Problem Sets

How will you take what you’ve learned and put it into practice? This is where the math comes in. Problem sets, or “PSETS” as we like to call them, are the assignments you’ll work through every day to apply that day’s lecture and concepts. Worried you will struggle with this part? Your fellows are there to help!

College Success Series

In a one-week STEM boot camp, you’ll have the College Success Series of sessions during your STEM instruction. (For two-week programs, this will be covered during Humanities week.) 

Transitioning to college can bring its own unique set of challenges for enlisted veterans. During our College Success sessions, WSP fellows will lead conversations designed to address the social and academic barriers enlisted student veterans may encounter. Topics include analytical reading, foundational skills, time management and productivity, culture and community, and informed consumer (of higher education).

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