Our Curriculum

Warrior-Scholar Project launched at Yale University in 2012, piloting a one-week humanities program. We now offer one- and two-week academic boot camp programs at 20 universities and colleges during the summer with three types of curricula: Humanities, STEM, and Business & Entrepreneurship. We also offer one-day workshops at community colleges throughout the year. 

Business & Entrepreneurship Program

Preparing students for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program with a focus on entrepreneurship

  • Daily lectures and workshops on the fundamentals of business degree programs

  • Interactions with business leaders

  • Experiential learning opportunities such as a group entrepreneurship competition, negotiations, group problem-solving, business presentations, and utilizing business software

STEM Program

Preparing students for the rigor and challenges of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics undergraduate degree programs

  • Daily lectures by campus faculty on motion, Newton’s laws, and energy conservation

  • Research projects run by campus graduate students & WSP fellows

  • STEM problem-solving skills training through recitation sections and daily physics problem sets

Humanities Program

Preparing students for the challenges of a humanities undergraduate degree program

  • Daily seminars taught by campus professors who are leaders in their field

  • Readings and analysis of challenging texts on the tradition of American democracy

  • Morning discussions on each reading in preparation for seminars, writing workshops, and assignments

Community College Workshops

Since 2018, WSP has operated one-day workshops in partnership with community colleges across the country.

  • One-day seminar held at community college campuses 

  • WSP staff teach students the skills they need to analyze complex academic texts and strategies on successful note-taking, time management, and assimilation into academic culture 

  • Q&A with highly successful WSP alumni who have attended community college and are now currently enrolled in four-year universities  



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