Our Courses

Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) launched on the campus of Yale University in 2012, piloting a one-week humanities program. We are now offering one- and two-week academic boot camp programs at 18 universities and colleges across the country. Today, WSP offers courses in humanities, STEM and Markets & Business Ventures. 

Markets & Business Ventures (MBV)



Preparing students for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program with a focus on entrepreneurship

  • Daily seminars on the fundamentals of business degree programs

  • Interactions with business leaders

  • Experiential learning opportunities such as a group entrepreneurship competition, negotiations, group problem-solving, business presentations, and utilizing business software

Preparing students for the rigor and challenges of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics undergraduate degree programs

  • Daily seminars by campus faculty on motion, Newton’s laws, and energy conservation

  • Research projects run by campus graduate students & WSP fellows

  • STEM problem-solving skills training through recitation sections and daily physics problem sets

Preparing students for the challenges of a liberal arts undergraduate degree program

  • Daily seminars taught by campus professors who are leaders in their field

  • Readings and analysis of challenging texts on the tradition of American democracy

  • Morning discussions on each reading in preparation for seminars, writing workshops, and assignments