Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitment to Diversity, Access, Equity, and Inclusion

What We Believe

All service members and veterans should have access to quality higher education.

We are dedicated to addressing the educational gap that exists for enlisted service members and veterans, particularly those from marginalized communities. 

The diverse experiences of those who serve provide them with a unique skill set to be successful in higher education and beyond. 

How we enact it: 

  • WSP’s mission is to ensure all veterans are equipped and prepared to enter higher education institutions. We provide an inclusive environment for our diverse group of student veterans to be successful. We are devoted to serving an ever-evolving veteran population.
  • We host diverse cohorts that represent a multitude of veteran experiences.

100% of respondents indicated that the WSP learning environment was both supportive and inclusive, and all would recommend WSP to another veteran or service member.

18.8 %
Our Current State: 18.8% of summer 2021 cohort are marginalized genders (Women, femme of center, nonbinary, gender nonconforming)
25 %
Our Goal: at least 25% of our cohort should be marginalized genders by the end of 2022
52.8 %
Our Current State: 52.8% Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) veterans
50 %
Our Goal: at least 50% of cohorts should be BIPOC veterans (note: roughly 30% of the active duty military identifies as BIPOC)

Women Veterans Initiatives

We are committed to serving and supporting women veterans. Here are some of the ways we are fulfilling that mission:

  • All-female boot camp cohorts
  • Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues (WVEDs): A series of informational small group talks given by female or feminine-of-center veterans
  • Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues Facebook community
  • Women veterans newsletter to share female-specific events and resources