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WSP is a proud member of the Combined Federal Campaign. CFC: 58808​

© 2019 Warrior-Scholar Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

Courses FAQ

Are the courses free?

- Yes. The Warrior-Scholar Project is a nonprofit organization fully funded through donations. We provide free room and board on campus at each of our courses as well as books and course materials. The only costs to you are your travel expenses to and from the course.

If I'm currently on Active Duty or have not been deployed, can I still apply?

- Yes. If you are an enlisted military service member on active duty, in the reserves, or already separated you can apply for WSP. To qualify, you must have an actionable plan to attend college in the near future.

I already started school, can I still apply?

- Yes. As long as you have not already completed a Bachelor's degree, and will not complete one within a semester after completing a course, you can still apply for the WSP. However, please keep in mind, the WSP is designed for veterans who are at the beginning stages of their transition to college.

Am I eligible to apply?

- In order to be eligible to participate in a Warrior-Scholar Project course, you must have completed at least one year of military service, have an actionable plan to pursue a 4-year degree within at most 2 years of completing a WSP course, be no less than 1 semester from completing a bachelors degree, and not have previously attended a WSP course.

I want to attend the course at Harvard, but I don't think I'm going to apply there. Can I still come to the course?

- Yes. We encourage our Warrior-Scholars to come to the courses for the overall experience and to take the skills they learn at WSP to the college that is best for them. If you want to apply to one of our host institutions, great! However, you are certainly not required or expected to do so.

Are all of the courses the same?

- For the most part, yes. All WSP courses focus on the same curriculum. Students will learn the same core skills, no matter which course they attend. There will be slight differences in the overall experience from campus to campus since each school has something unique to offer.

If I come to a course, do I have to stay on campus in the WSP providing housing?

- Yes. Our courses are designed to be an immersive experience. Since the course schedule is very full, it is easiest for all students to stay on campus.

Will I receive college credit after completing WSP?

- No, WSP is not conducted for the purpose of college credit. However, you may request a WSP certificate which states the number of hours you spent at classes, workshops, discussions, and one-to-one tutoring sessions during the week (it should equate to ~80 hours). In the past, students have found it beneficial to add their participation in the Warrior-Scholar Project in their college applications.

How much time will I have during the course (to sightsee, work out, do summer homework, have time to myself)?

- The program is rigorous and the schedule is packed so that we can accomplish as much as possible in a short amount of time. Therefore, during the one-week long Humanities course, you will not have any free time available. However, during our two-week long course (Humanities/STEM) you will have the Saturday that falls between the Humanities and STEM week off.

Will I be able to access a convenience store/grocery store?

Yes. WSP provides you with three full meals a day. However, should a need arise, all campuses have some type of convenience store or campus store with necessities nearby.

Can I have visitors/family stay with me?

No. WSP and in most cases campus policy, limits one occupant per room. The occupant must be the participant whom will be participating in the Warrior-Scholar Project.

Will I have private lodging on campus?

You will have your own bedroom. However, you may have to share a bathroom with one or more other participants, depending on the facilities offered by the university/college.


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