‘It Starts With People Like Us’: Warrior-Scholar Project Hosts ‘Black Women In STEM’

When Gabby Graves-Wake, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, took her first programming class in the fall of 2019, she glanced around the room and made a quick count: There were 56 students, and six of them were women—and she was the only woman of color. At the semester’s end, Graves-Wake would be the only woman remaining in the course.

Her story is not unusual, as women of color account for less than 3 percent of people employed in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. The Warrior-Scholar Project, a nonprofit organization that hosts intensive, college-preparatory “boot camps” for members of the armed services, aims to combat this disparity by offering outreach programs for soldiers who are making or are preparing to make their transition back to civilian life. (continued)

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