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Warrior-Scholar Project Empowers Veterans to Succeed in Higher Education and Beyond

There’s a reason 100% of WSP alumni recommend our programs to their fellow veterans. Learn more about the specific metrics we use to measure our success.


“The WSP program is an outstanding opportunity to find community with other veterans and prepare for college in a unique, positive, and empowering way.”

Jonathon Thomas, U.S. Army

“This program has reinvigorated and reaffirmed my mindset as a student. The level of respect and gratitude that I have for the fellows, professors, staff, and all of the leadership at WSP cannot be measured.”

Mauro Torres, U.S. Army Veteran
Montgomery College

“I honestly feel ready to tackle any academic challenge that lies ahead.”

Josh Davenport, U.S. Army Veteran
Stanford University

“This program caught me before I fell off the cliff, and it didn’t just give me the method to succeed, but it showed me the path and lit the fire inside of me. I without a doubt owe this program for redirecting my life and influencing it in a positive manner.”

David Nagley, U.S. Army Veteran
Princeton University

“WSP was a life-changing experience for me. I not only gained the soft skills I needed to thrive in an academic environment, but I gained more confidence in my identity as a veteran and made life-long connections.”

Hanh Dinh, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
University of California, San Diego

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