Joe Estevez

Joe Estevez

Outreach Recruiting Manager

Joseph Estevez serves as Warrior-Scholar Project’s outreach recruiting manager.

Joe retired from the Marine Corps as a Master Sergeant in 2020 after 18.5 years of service. He began his enlistment as an Infantry Marine serving in various combat arms roles with several overseas deployments. After receiving his second Purple Heart, Joe transitioned to the Marine Corps Recruiting Command, where he ultimately completed his active duty service as a Career Recruiter, serving at various levels of command and holding billets from Canvasing Recruiter to Assistant Recruiter Instructor. His career empowered him to help pave the way for thousands of young Americans to begin their service to our country and achieve their personal goals.

Joe is passionate about Warrior-Scholar Project because he recognizes the value of education and the need to bridge the gap between military service and higher education for military veterans.

Joe enjoys many outdoor hobbies, including hunting and fishing, and is continually seeking out new adventures.

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