Diana Davis Spencer Foundation Continues to Support WSP’s Mission of Providing Educational Supports

Participants in the 2019 WSP program at University of California, Irvine

We are excited to announce the continuing, generous support of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation. Diana Davis Spencer Foundation has partnered with Warrior-Scholar Project since 2018 in support of America’s veterans.

Since 2012, Warrior-Scholar Project has been privileged to partner with America’s top colleges and universities to provide academic boot camp programming to transitioning veterans. With the continued generous support of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, we are collaborating with 20 higher education partners in the summer of 2020 to offer virtual programming that ensures student veterans are mentored, academically challenged, and equipped with the critical thinking, reading, writing, analytical, collaborative, and soft skills to navigate the cultural shift from active duty military service to academia.

About Warrior-Scholar Project

Warrior-Scholar Project empowers servicemembers as they transition from the military to higher education. We host immersive, one and two-week college-preparatory academic boot camps at America’s top universities to currently serving military personnel and veterans. These academic boot camps are offered at no cost. During programming, warrior-scholars are mentored by highly successful student veterans who have transitioned from the military to college. Host institution faculty volunteer their time, and our curricula are Humanities, STEM, or Business & Entrepreneurship-focused Through faculty-facilitated lectures, study skills workshops, writing assignments, and tutoring, warrior-scholars acquire the skills to succeed in higher education and navigate the cultural shift from active duty military service to academia.

To learn more about Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, visit https://ddsfoundation.org.