How to Fundraise for Warrior-Scholar Project

Do you want to set up an online fundraiser to help support Warrior-Scholar Project? Whether it's your birthday, Live Day, Enlisted Day, Retirement Day, Giving Tuesday, or a day in memoriam of a loved one, here are our best tips and tricks to set up a successful online fundraiser to support Warrior-Scholar Project.

Our Staff is Here for You!

Our WSP staff is standing by to help you with your fundraiser. At any point, from the earliest stages of considering a fundraiser to the final stages of follow-up, we are happy to offer guidance. Alumni should reach out to Alumni Engagement and Outreach Fellow Derek Auguste at for help and others to Whittney Gould, Director of Communications and Marketing, at

Create a Fundraiser on Facebook

There are multiple ways to raise money on Facebook. For maximum effect, use the method that allows you to create a separate fundraising page (as opposed to simply starting a post and clicking the “raise money for X” option).

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click the “Fundraisers” tab

  3. Click “Raise Money”

  4. Edit the details (in left column)

  5. Set the right goal. Empower your donors by setting a target that they can help reach. For example, donating $25 to a goal of $15,000 seems less impactful than donating that same amount to a target goal of $200, which can feel more meaningful. Generally, starting off with a target of $100 or $200 can be a good start. Based on the success of the fundraiser, you can edit the target and announce that you’ve set a stretch goal.

  6. Consider editing the “why are you raising money?” section. While the stock information is perfectly acceptable, this block is also a great place for you to include a personal story about how WSP has helped propel you to success. Concrete examples of your WSP experience and what you are currently accomplishing our super helpful here.

  7. Select a compelling cover photo (bottom of left column). We have created this graphic you can use if you wish.

Create a Fundraiser on Classy

Don't have Facebook? No problem. Warrior-Scholar Project uses a fundraising platform called Classy with a peer-to-peer fundraising option. You can create a team or individual fundraising page here. There's a helpful Classy support article if you want to go step by step.

Set Your Fundraiser Up for Success

People like to give to a fundraiser that has already raised some money. There are a couple of things you can do:

  • Make your own personal donation as soon as the fundraiser goes live.

  • Find someone who you know would be likely to donate to the fundraiser at some point (e.g. a family member) and ask them ahead of time if they would be willing to make a donation as soon as it goes live. If they agree, let them know the estimated time when it will go live. When you do activate the fundraiser and make your own donation, send them the link and request that they donate. Of course, you should make sure to thank them when they initially commit and when they donate.

  • Securing multiple donations immediately after the fundraiser goes live is more important than the amount of individual donations for these first two strategies. People like to give to something that has already taken off as opposed to being the first donor.

Posting and Follow-Up

You went through all the work to set up the fundraiser, so make the most of it and post about it! These posts are another great place to include a short description of your WSP experience.

  • Consider cross-promoting your Facebook fundraiser to Instagram through your bio link. For Classy fundraisers, it's easy to share on any of your social media accounts as well.

  • As you receive donations, make sure you send a personalized thank you to each donor. Even a quick reply on Facebook or Classy to their donation confirmation can go a long way.

  • After you hit your goal, let your supporters and followers know!

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