Trojan veterans reflect on their journeys to USC

For Josue Rodriguez, attending USC after serving in the Marine Corps for four years fulfilled a lifelong ambition.

“Growing up in Southern California, this is honestly the only school I ever really wanted to go to,” Rodriguez said. “There’s also a lot of paths that USC organizes for veterans to help us.”

Rodriguez, a junior studying communications, said USC’s acceptance of online coursework credits, which he completed while stationed in North Carolina, simplified the admissions process. He also cited the Warrior-Scholar Project, a summer academic boot camp that prepares enlisted veterans for higher education, as crucial in easing the transition from active duty to civilian life.

“It was definitely a big decision last year, deciding whether I wanted to get out or stay in [the Marine Corps], and I would say coming to school was definitely the best option I could have chosen,” Rodriguez said. “Leaving one community but being able to jump straight into another one [at USC] was very helpful.”

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