Warrior-Scholar Project Williams College Cohort Spotlight: Brittany Andrade

Updated: Jan 4

Brittany Andrade, U.S. Army veteran

Brittany Andrade
Brittany Andrade

What was your educational experience prior to WSP? Would you consider yourself a confident student?

Prior to Warrior-Scholar Project, I attended college nine years ago before I joined the Army. I was young and wanted to prove myself to my family and wound up falling flat on my face. I spent the next nine years terrified of jumping back into the deep end of academic learning.

Had you participated in any sort of virtual learning before? If so, how does your WSP experience compare to that?

I had the opportunity to participate in the Posse Veterans Program’s pre-collegiate training the month before Warrior-Scholar Project. Both were great experiences, but I really appreciate the focus on academic success that I received at Warrior-Scholar Project. One of the best things I noticed during the virtual sessions is that the conversations and seminars flowed in a very productive manner.

Why were you excited to participate in WSP this summer?

I was excited to participate in WSP this summer because I really wanted to improve my writing skills and learn some good study skills before starting classes this fall. The different seminars with the Williams College professors really helped me establish the kind of voice I want to have in the classroom.

What have you learned so far that you think will be helpful as you pursue your degree?

I think one of the most useful things I learned this summer was that my success in college didn’t need to be measured by just my GPA. One of the things that I was the most afraid of about going back to school was making the same mistakes I made the first time. WSP introduced me to better ways of studying and analytical reading that made me feel better about my future success.

What was your favorite session, and why?

My favorite sessions were the writing sessions. I have always enjoyed writing and having the chance to hone my style was amazing. The staff and tutors were great. They were insightful and really helped me pinpoint the foundations of my writing. Additionally, our writing sessions often turned into discussions about the readings and how they applied to more than just the writing assignments. I definitely participated in more than my fair share of debates during those sessions.

Are there any instructors or fellows who have made a difference for you at WSP?

The entire staff of WSP was phenomenal. They all worked seamlessly to make sure we had the best learning environment despite being online this year. If I had to pinpoint a specific person who made the entire experience top-notch, I would have to say our fellows Derek and Lisa were the linchpins for our success. They kept us on track when we started to stray off topic and elevated the conversations. I would honestly participate in every session they lead.

Is WSP having any effect on how confident you feel as a student?

WSP definitely made me more confident as a student. While I’m still nervous about participating in an academic setting, I know that I can keep up with my own expectations. One of the most important pieces of advice I received during WSP is that imposter syndrome is real. The only person that believes you don’t deserve to be there is yourself. The people around you want you to succeed. Knowing that and having that rattling around in the back of my mind has helped me see myself in the same light as my peers and I’m so grateful to WSP for helping me learn that.

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