Warrior-Scholar Project Partners with 21 Prestigious Universities to Support Enlisted Veterans in Higher Education

WASHINGTON, D.C — FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — For many enlisted veterans, college is a critical next step in acclimating to civilian life and landing a fulfilling career after the military. While this is an exciting new chapter, transitioning from service member to college student is not without challenges. That is why national nonprofit Warrior-Scholar Project  (WSP) has partnered with 21 of America’s top schools to deliver academic boot camps for veterans focused on core subjects STEM, humanities, and business. Hosted all over the U.S. from June 4 – Aug. 11, 2023, WSP’s intensive curriculum is designed to help veterans prepare for an academic environment while learning strategies to become better students. 

“Warrior-Scholar Project is all about equipping student veterans with the tools needed to excel in higher education and beyond. For more than a decade we have worked with world-class faculty, veteran mentors, and university administrators to make the WSP impact come to life for the more than 2,000 veterans we’ve served,” said Ryan Pavel, CEO of WSP. “Time and again our alumni have described the program as ‘life changing,’ and we’re proud to help veterans successfully utilize the G.I. Bill benefits they’ve earned.” 

Each year, approximately 115,000 veterans separate from the military and decide to pursue higher education. In addition to adjusting to the college, many also struggle with adapting to campus culture, and WSP helps fill the gap by giving participants the opportunity to learn from university faculty, receive mentoring from fellow student veterans, and begin to adjust to a formal learning environment — all concepts that may seem unfamiliar after years spent away from the classroom. In fact, a study found that WSP is the only program of its kind dedicated to veterans that not only provides targeted support for academic success, but also improves social connection and relationships with both faculty and nonveteran students. 

“After completing both weeks of WSP, I have so much more confidence and excitement as a student and freshman entering college out of the military. I would highly recommend this program for any military individual who is nervous, worried, or feels unprepared for college because this will give you confidence, resources, and a network of individuals just like you,” said U.S. Marine Corps veteran Megan Byrd.

The WSP impact is far-reaching:  90% of WSP alumni have completed or are on track to earn a college degree, compared to 72% of all student veterans and 65% of traditional undergraduate students. Additionally, of WSP’s 2022 cohort, 60% identified as first-generation college students, 70% were persons of color, and 28% were women. 

WSP launched its first boot camp at Yale University in 2012 with nine participants. Since then, the program has helped more than 2,000 veterans get a head start in higher education. Support from WSP university partners and investments made by foundations, corporations, and private donors cover the entire cost of the program for participants. 

Warrior-Scholar Project has partnered with the following universities for 2023: 

  • Georgetown University | June 4 – 9 
  • Wesleyan University | June 4 – 9
  • William & Mary | June 4 – 9
  • Yale University (featuring all-women cohort) | June 4 – 16
  • UNC at Chapel Hill | June 11 – 16
  • Brown University | June 18 – 23
  • Harvard University | June 18 – 23
  • University of Notre Dame (featuring all-women cohort) | June 18 – 30
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | June 18 – 30
  • Caltech | June 25 – 30
  • Williams College | June 25 – 30
  • University of Southern California | July 12 – 17
  • Princeton University | July 16 – 28
  • University of Arizona | July 16 – 28
  • Syracuse University | July 16 – 28
  • MIT | July 23 – 28
  • Columbia University | July 23 – 28
  • Cornell University | July 23 – Aug. 4
  • Amherst College | July 30 – Aug. 4
  • University of Chicago | July 30 – Aug. 11 
  • University of California, Irvine | Aug. 6 – 11 

About Warrior-Scholar Project

An official partner with the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is a national nonprofit that empowers enlisted veterans and service members to excel at four-year universities. WSP’s flagship program helps veterans gain skills required for college success and support for the cultural shift from the military to higher education via intensive one- to two-week academic boot camps at top-tier schools. During the immersive experience, students are housed on campus and engage in challenging discussions with accomplished professors while receiving tailored instruction on key skills like analytical reading and college-level writing. WSP also offers workshops tailored to address the unique needs of veterans enrolled in community colleges and targeted programming for marginalized veterans, such as its Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues. Warrior-Scholar Project offers programs at public and private colleges and universities nationwide. For more information, visit www.warrior-scholar.org.

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