Our Programs

Warrior-Scholar Project offers three types of academic boot camps: Humanities; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); and Business & Entrepreneurship.


Boot camps are offered as one-week Humanities courses, one-week STEM courses, two-week Humanities plus STEM courses, and two-week Humanities plus Business courses. You can view the course dates and options hereClick here to apply.

WSP also offers workshops tailored to address the unique needs of veterans enrolled in community colleges and targeted programming for marginalized veterans, such as our Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues. You can register for these workshops and events below.

Business & Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

Prepare for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program with a focus on entrepreneurship:​

  • Daily workshops on the fundamentals of business degree programs

  • Afternoon demonstrations, experiential learning opportunities, and discussions with business leaders

  • Daily entrepreneurship group work culminating in a business pitch to professional entrepreneurs and business leaders

  • Business skills training from highly successful WSP alumni

STEM Boot Camp

Prepare for the rigor and challenges of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) undergraduate degree programs

  • Daily lectures by campus professors on 1-dimensional motion, 2-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws, and work and energy

  • Week-long research projects run by campus graduate students and WSP fellows

  • Daily demonstrations and science talks given by world-class researchers

  • STEM problem-solving skills training through recitation sections, daily physics problem sets, and one-on-one tutoring

  • Study skills training from highly successful WSP alumni

Humanities Boot Camp

Preparing students for the challenges of humanities and liberal arts undergraduate degree programs

  • Daily seminars taught by professors who are leaders in their field

  • Reading and analysis of challenging texts on the tradition of American democracy

  • Daily writing workshops, writing assignments, and one-on-one tutoring

  • Study skills training from highly successful WSP alumni 

College Success Workshops (Virtual)

Get a leg up on college through these workshops taught by highly successful WSP alumni. In these workshops, WSP alumni teach:

  • General study skills including strategies for successful note-taking, class participation, and time management

  • Discussions on the transition from the military to college

  • Methods to quickly and efficiently analyze complex academic texts

  • Q&A with highly successful WSP alumni who have attended community college and are now currently enrolled in four-year universities


Women Veterans Initiatives

We are committed to serving and supporting women veterans. Here are some of the ways we are engaging with women veterans: