Strategic Plan

Expanding our reach and deepening our impact

An Integrated Approach

Guided by our motto, “Forged in Service, Fueled by Education,” our core competency is education for enlisted veterans. Since our organization’s founding in 2011, we have served thousands of enlisted veterans through intensive academic programming and we remain committed to that path. Our vision is to ensure that every degree-seeking enlisted veteran and transitioning service member succeeds in their pursuit of higher education and beyond.

Our strategic plan outlines our goals to expand inclusive and transformative programming that advances skills, builds confidence, and forges lasting connections for our participants. In order to ensure the success of this mission, we also need to reinforce our organizational infrastructure and establish a strong financial pipeline to support the programming we create. 

Target Goals: Enlisted Veterans Served

2024: 974
2025: 1,357
2026: 1,752
2027: 2,391
2028: 3,555

Increasing Access to our Programming

WSP’s core programming will continue to be our flagship academic boot camps, which we plan to grow at a sustainable rate to ensure the quality is the same regardless of campus location. We will continually evaluate our curricula to ensure we can provide our students with the skills they need to pursue higher education and achieve career goals. With a mindful eye on diversifying the types of schools we partner with and their geographic locations, we will expand our boot camps and college success workshops, and build a new way to deliver accessible virtual programming.

We are fully committed to supporting boot camp alumni with holistic programs to provide enlisted veterans with the skills and resources they need throughout their military-to-civilian transition. We will continue to engage with our alumni by connecting what they learn in their undergraduate experience to graduate school and career pathways while deepening a community among enlisted veterans to support each other throughout their transitional journeys.

We seek to provide world-class college preparatory programming that is rigorous, inclusive, and tailored to meet the needs and interests of our students, and alumni.

Goal 1: By 2028, serve 540 veterans/service members annually in boot camps.
Goal 2: Consistently and continuously evaluate academic boot camp curriculum.
Goal 3:
Institutionalize program framework to support alumni in new and meaningful ways.
Goal 4: Unify social media, advertising, and communications plans into a robust marketing strategy.
Goal 5:
Substantially expand organizational reach and impact through robust OnDemand programming.
Goal 6: Institutionalize College Success Workshops (CSWs) as a signature WSP partnership and program.

Reinforcing our Organizational Structure

To execute on our mission, we need to have a strong organizational infrastructure while maintaining our commitment to high-touch quality programming as we expand our reach in the enlisted veteran community. We will continue to resource and refine our operations to ensure our impact is sustainable and enduring.

As an organization of people serving other people, a primary focus in this area is enabling a positive work environment for our staff defined by equity, accountability, mutual respect, communication, and trust between individuals and our community. In addition, we understand the value of increasing financial and process efficiencies and streamlining the vital resources necessary for program execution. 

We seek to provide effective policy, efficient processes, and on-time logistical support to ensure our organization and programs remain best in class.

Goal 1: Provide support that enables an inclusive work environment distinguished by equitable treatment of personnel, productive communication, individual accountability, mutual respect, and trust in each individual and the organization.
Goal 2: Establish enduring financial practices to focus on fiscal control, cost reduction, risk management, detailed budgeting, and forecasting.
Goal 3:
Plan, coordinate, align, and control resources and systems to achieve organizational business objectives.

Establishing a Strong Financial Pipeline

To further advance our intentional and transformative programs through innovative content delivery and to support WSP operations, developing a sustainable plan to build financial capital is necessary. Our primary goal in this area remains to raise 100% of the financial resources required for our annual operating budget.

We will do this by strategically diversifying our approach to fundraising, exploring new fundraising opportunities, ideas, and methods, and finding ways to engage in public discourse regarding veterans. The support of our Board of Directors plays a pivotal role in this objective, so we plan to expand our board and create additional engagement opportunities. 

We seek to provide financial resources that allow human and financial capacity to carry forth our mission and vision.

Goal 1: Annually raise a minimum of 100% of anticipated annual expenses.
Goal 2:Expand fundraising capacity, methods, events, and results.
Goal 3:
Support the Board of Directors in recruiting, onboarding, training, and engaging new Board Members.
Goal 4: Engage in public discourse regarding veterans and education to bolster WSP’s reputation and reach.

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