Warrior-Scholar Project Partners with Yale University To Host One-Week Winter STEM Program For Veterans

In an effort to help student veterans acclimate to civilian life and successfully complete undergraduate programs, national nonprofit Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) has partnered with Yale University to host a virtual Winter STEM Academic Boot Camp from Dec. 13-18. The intensive physics-based curriculum, offered at no cost to enlisted service members, is designed to help veterans prepare for an academic environment while learning strategies to become better students. (continued)

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FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. — Luke Hixson is currently drilling down plans, as his life is about to change…

While many people his age are graduating from college, Hixson is applying to 13 different universities, with several of them being in the Ivy League. (continued)

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Brittany Andrade, an alum of the Warrior-Scholar Project’s (WSP) Summer 2020 boot camp at Williams, said that WSP sessions are “the hardest college thing you’re ever going to do.”

WSP is an organization that partners with colleges and universities in the U.S. to hold one-week academic boot camps for veterans transitioning from the military to higher education. This year, Williams partnered with WSP and held a virtual session for nine veterans during a week in August, marking the College’s increased effort to include and support veterans in the community. (continued)

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Veteran Derek Auguste was well versed in being a soldier in the U.S. Army. But being a student was an entirely different beast.

“My experience of higher education was difficult,” said Auguste, who enrolled at the University of Miami in his late 30s. “It just felt like it was so much effort and work and I was so anxious because I was afraid that I was going to fall behind and things of that nature. And that’s how I did college before I did this program.” (continued)

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It’s early November, and it’s the time of year when prospective college students around the country are scrambling as they assemble transcripts, letters of recommendation and test scores to submit with their applications.

Many veterans will be among the prospect pool. How can they compete against boarding-school graduates and applicants with SAT tutors?

Jacob Travis, 26, of Cranston, says real-life experience, a unique perspective and a dedication to achievement adds value when veterans walk into a college classroom. (continued)

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Many of us take for granted the privilege of starting college straight out of high school. However, finances are one of the most common deterrents that eliminate the possibility of college for high school graduates.

One way to circumvent insurmountable costs is to join the military and rely on its benefits. Unfortunately, many veterans struggle to adjust to the college experience after serving. 

That’s where the Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) comes in. (continued)

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