Cornell University: Humanities and STEM Academic Boot Camps

The above dates are tentative and subject to change.

Apply now to be part of our free two-week STEM academic boot camp for service members and veterans in partnership with Cornell University!

The first week of the program is our humanities academic boot camp, which includes daily seminars taught by campus professors who are leaders in their field, readings and analysis of challenging texts on the tradition of American democracy, and morning discussions on each reading in preparation for seminars, writing workshops, and assignments.

The second week prepares service members and veterans for the challenges and rigor of a STEM bachelor’s degree program. Using a physics-based curriculum, veterans and service members will gain skills to help them succeed with their transition from the military to higher education.

During this two-week boot camp, students are taught by professors from our partner college and mentored by peers who have completed the program and successfully transitioned to college.

After years of watching movies and television shows that portrayed fiendish college professors and demonic teachers, Air Force veteran Carla Ulloa was pleasantly surprised by her Cornell educators.

“I had thought that professors are just looking to make sure you regret joining their class,” Ulloa said. “Now, I feel more comfortable in a college classroom. I don’t have to hold back on my thoughts.”

Ulloa was one of 16 military veterans who participated in the virtual academic boot camp at Cornell July 26 to Aug. 6. The university partnered with the Warrior-Scholar Project for the seventh consecutive year to help recent or soon-to-be military veterans transition into higher education. (continued)

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