Virtual learning can be crafted to better serve vets

Consider the following two pieces of student feedback, one from an on-site academic boot camp, the other from a virtual iteration of the same program.

“The program was fantastic and the staff were even more amazing. My skills have not only improved exponentially, but my confidence has skyrocketed. The people I’ve met and the connections I made are valuable and irreplaceable.”

“An absolutely groundbreaking and inspirational experience. I thought I would only be dipping my toe into the world of academia and making a few friends along the way. However, the experience was like jumping into an infinitely deep pool of knowledge from the high dive.”

Both quotes are from U.S. Navy veterans who participated in the Warrior-Scholar Project, but the first came from a 2019 on-campus program and the second from a 2020 online program. (continued)

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Our CEO, Ryan Pavel, recently published an op-ed in University Business magazine about why enlisted veterans make ideal diverse, first-gen students for universities. Read the op-ed at University Business magazine.