Syracuse University: Humanities and Business Academic Boot Camps

The above dates are tentative and subject to change.

Apply now to be part of our free business and entrepreneurship academic boot camp for veterans in partnership with Syracuse University!

The first week of the program is our humanities academic boot camp, which includes daily seminars taught by campus professors who are leaders in their field, readings and analysis of challenging texts on the tradition of American democracy, and morning discussions on each reading in preparation for seminars, writing workshops, and assignments.

The second week of this academic boot camp is the business and entrepreneurship program, which prepares students for the demands and challenges of a business-related undergraduate degree program with a focus on entrepreneurship. The program achieves this through daily seminars on the fundamentals of business degree programs, interactions with business leaders, and experiential learning opportunities such as a group entrepreneurship competition, negotiations, group problem-solving, business presentations, and utilizing business software.

For 13 and a half years, Jennifer Aquino served her country.

“I was a CTI-1, petty officer first class intel linguist slash translator,” she said.

Now, she wears a slightly different uniform.

“I talked to a friend of mine that was also a CTI in the Navy, and she has been going to school, and I’ve been contemplating to go back to school,” Aquino said.

It’s a decision made relatively easy for the decorated Puerto Rico native and Texan living up north. And it’s thanks to a program called the Warrior-Scholar Project. (continued)

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