Williams College: Humanities Academic Boot Camp

The above dates are tentative and subject to change.

Apply now to be part of our free humanities academic boot camp for service members and veterans in partnership with Williams College!

This week-long humanities academic boot camp prepares service members and veterans for the challenges and rigor of humanities or liberal arts bachelor’s degree programs. Using the topic of American democracy to guide discussions and assignments, veterans and service members will learn foundational skills to help them succeed with their transition from the military to higher education.

During the week, students are taught by professors from our partner college and mentored by peers who have completed the program and have successfully transitioned to college.

WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. — After eight years on active duty in the Marine Corps, Joseph Grillo was ready for a new challenge.  

But he also knew that a college education posed different challenges for veterans like himself than it might for the “traditional” undergraduate.  

“It’s not the academics or rigor or the late night study,” Grillo said recently. “It’s the loss of camaraderie, the fear of fitting in. Then COVID hit, and the fear only doubled: What was I stepping into? Was this going to work for me? (continued)

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Brittany Andrade, an alum of the Warrior-Scholar Project’s (WSP) Summer 2020 boot camp at Williams, said that WSP sessions are “the hardest college thing you’re ever going to do.”

WSP is an organization that partners with colleges and universities in the U.S. to hold one-week academic boot camps for veterans transitioning from the military to higher education. This year, Williams partnered with WSP and held a virtual session for nine veterans during a week in August, marking the College’s increased effort to include and support veterans in the community. (continued)

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