Women Veterans Initiatives

Creating a supportive and inclusive community for women veterans


We are committed to serving and supporting women veterans. Here are some of the ways we are fulfilling that mission:

  • All-female boot camp cohorts
  • Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues (WVEDs): A series of informational small group talks given by female or feminine-of-center veterans
  • Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues Facebook community
  • Women veterans newsletter to share female-specific events and resources

Our goal: At least 25% of our academic bootcamp cohort should be marginalized genders by the end of 2022.

Women Veterans Empowerment Dialogues (WVEDs)

Our series of small-group talks for women veterans provides a safe space that is inclusive and empowering. Hosted by female or feminine-of-center veterans, each WVED provides an opportunity for women to network and learn from each other.

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All-Women Cohorts

In 2021, we partnered with Yale University and Pomona College to pilot our first two academic boot camp cohorts specifically for women veterans.